About us

GRUNSTOF was founded in 2020 at Islands brygge, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Boring white walls was the start of GRUNSTOF. With a new apartment, we wanted something extra on the wall to complement our interior. After looking at hundreds of posters without finding what we wanted, we started to be drawn by the look of oxidized metal. Living in Copenhagen, you see this everywhere - from the rooftops of Christiansborg to the old bridges Langebro and Knippelsbro. Their copper and brass plating are shifting colors due to the impact from weather and wind, and after 30 years they have turned into beautiful green and blue shades.

These beautiful colors was exactly what our home needed. With a background in design engineering, we already had the knowledge of how to make products. However, accelerate a 30-year process into a much shorter time-frame needed extensive research and trial and error. After a year of testing, we had the process under control and GRUNSTOF was born.

The basic element in our oxidation process is copper, therefore the name GRUNSTOF (a misspelling of "element" in Danish).